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Czech, let’s 
play padel!

Discover the excitement of the world’s fastest-growing sport at our padel location in Kravi Hora. With 4 state-of-the-art outdoor courts and an inviting bar, we’re the country’s #1 destination for thrilling rallies and friendly matches alike!

Multisport card

At our padel location, we now support the use of MultiSport cards to provide you with added value and convenience. Learn more.

Free introduction to padel

Want to try padel but unsure where to begin? We offer free introductory lessons to help you get started!

Padel lessons

Would you like to build or polish your padel skills? Our coaches at Padel Powers are ready to help you elevate your game!


Meet Padel: Fun, Friends and Fitness!

It’s no surprise that padel is the fastest-growing sport in Europe. It’s fun, social and provides a full-body workout for all ages. With its strategic depth, friendly atmosphere and year-round playability, the sport will keep you hooked.


Padel Powers: Where padel meets play

We are thrilled to be the first provider in the Czech Republic exclusively dedicated to Padel. We get that the power of this sport extends beyond mere gameplay – it’s about the social vibe. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or making new ones, playing padel is a blast. Our carefully designed venues are the perfect blend of top-notch sports facilities with the inviting ambiance of a vibrant community!

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Prague, coming soon

High quality indoor courts, a spacious bar, padel shop and modern facilities in an industrial setting. Our Prague flagship will offer the best padel experience in town!



Padel Powers

Where Passion meets Play

new location

Prague, here we come!

Padel Powers is working on a new padel home in Prague. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated on our progress!