What is
& my level?

Padel skill levels are divided into four categories: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert. Everyone starts at the Beginner level, but progressing to Intermediate or Advanced varies for each person. Understanding these levels can help you determine your own padel skill level.

What is my Padel level?


When you begin playing padel, you can assume you are at the Beginner level. Everyone starts at this level. You enjoy fun matches with friends, and events at the beginner level are perfect for improving your skills. These bullet points can help you gauge whether, after playing a few padel matches, you are still a Beginner or already an Intermediate player:

  • You occasionally make double faults with your serve.
  • You find it challenging to play off the glass.
  • You struggle to place the ball exactly where you want it.
  • Play strength 8/9

„Even if you have experience with other racket sports, you start at the padel Beginner level, but you might quickly progress to Intermediate.“

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By now, you’re really getting into it and have spent many hours on the padel court. Is it time to join Club Sessions at the Intermediate level? You probably identify with the following skills:

  • You place the serve where you want.
  • You play a good forehand, backhand, and volley.
  • You can sustain a solid rally.
  • Play strength 6/7

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You have played a lot of padel against various opponents. Moving from Intermediate to Advanced is not easy and requires real dedication. You play matches because it’s the most fun, but now you’re looking for the next challenge. Do you recognize yourself in the following points?

  • You play tactically and offensively.
  • Your bandeja and bajada shots are on fire!
  • You consistently win matches against strong players.
  • Play strength 4/5

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Experts have logged a lot of padel hours. You play padel at the highest level, impressive!

  • Opponents find it challenging to play against you.
  • The ball always lands exactly where you want it.
  • You constantly seek to improve your game and skills.
  • Play strength 1/2/3

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„Attending Meet & Play was the best decision after moving here. The friendly atmosphere made padel easy to start. I met wonderful people and had a blast. Highly recommend!“

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